Against Gods image

Posted April 11, 2013 by Finn Hjalmar
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Has God created humans in his image, or is it the other way around? The human race has alway struggled to get God and his words to match their own distorted image of the world.

Nuria is in jail because of love.  Foto: Anja Niedringhaus ( Ap )

Nuria is in jail because of love. Foto: Anja Niedringhaus ( Ap )

Nuria is in jail in her country Afghanistan. Her crime is that she wanted to divorce her husband. Nuria is in love with another man. That love have put her in jail. Because she might act on her her love. Love is a feeling that is natural. Given to us as a gift from God. At least for those of us that believe in it.

Nuria is not the only one. In Afghanistan 100´s of women is in jail for their emontions sake. Women which only crime is to follow their heart.

Everyone that has been in love knows what this is about. Its an enormous power that takes over body, heart and mind. Wonderful. Fantastic and very exhausting. Some times love is a curse rather than a gift. Love is a power that is stronger than anything else.

The government in Afghanistan wants love to be punishable. A gift that is given by God. At least if you are a woman. Its the womans emontions they go to war against. And they will never win. Cause the emotions will always be there.

It is not the first time ignorant men tries to stop womens love life. Most societies and cultures do this. Through the history our christian church is no good example.

The history of humans is a history of abuse and repression. Either it is private or political. At the front, there is ideas or relighion. Politicians, priests, imams and rabbies. Men who claims they know what God wants. They actually knows whats in Gods mind. Have anyone ever asked what God really want?

Why have God created women as intelligent as men, if they are here to be subdued by men? Why have God bothered to create the women with a sexual lust, if its only there to be surpressed by men? Why on earth have God even bothered giving women emotions if the emotions is her to be put down? And why has God given women free will?

Why does men fight this? Why does men fight the image of God? The image we have been created in?

Humans is created in the image of God the good book says. Since then men have struggled with creating God in our image. It is not a pretty sight. I send Our Lord some sympathy. I suggest you do the same.


In prison for entertainment

Posted January 12, 2013 by Finn Hjalmar
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Most of us doesnt find a prison very entertaining. We woldnt go on a sunday trip to watch inmates. To watch an imprisoned elephant is something completely different.

Mali, day in and day out for 30 years.

Mali, day in and day out for 30 years.

There are elephant prisoneres through out the whole world. But unline killers, bankrobbers and scammers the elephants is not guilty of any crimes. They are behind bars because humans wants somehing exotic to look at. And because of that they must suffer. All of them.

Elephants is not created to be behind bars. They are made to roam big areas, with water and plants to eat. They live in families and is a very social animal. They are not made to walk on floors of concrete.

Mali lives in a zoo in Manila. She is the only elephant there. While free elephants live in areas where they can roam over 80 kilometers a day, Mali has 0,055 square kilometers to roam. Peta tried to move the elephant to a sanctuary in Thailand but the owners wont even sell her to Peta. For 30 years the elephant had nothing but concrete instead of grass and plants.

Many years ago I took my children to a zoo in Denmark, A giraff was captured in a small area. Of concrete walls and floor. The only three that was there was eaten a long time ago. The giraff looked liek it had given up. In the same zoo there was many animals in small cages. Lions tigres and monkeys. Some acted nervous, some frustrated others completely apathic. But all the guests in the zoo thouh it was brilliant, It was the last time I visited a zoo.

Humans have a long history of having animals in captivity. The romans had exotic animals both for display and as entertainment in their bloody arenas. The first modern zoo was opened in Paris in 1793. London got their zoo in 1828, Antwerpen 1843, Berlin 1844 and Cobenhagen in 1859. Collectons of living animals for human entertainment. They have have been vulgar part og the human culture. The worst part about zoos is all the children. We continue to teach our children that animals should be in cages.

We think we look at cozy fury animals and exiting exotisk cratures. You dont! What u look at is suffering, frustrastion and a slow death. We look at creatures that is jailed, inocent convicted to a life where desoliaton is their only cellmate.

Every ticket we buy to zoos goes to a system that captivates and tortures animals. A system that takes them from their natural life. The life they were meant to have. We should stop this.

Think about this every time you want to take you kids to a zoo. If you do you just contribute to sustain their suffering, frustration and desolation. Maybe we can make our children take better care of the worlds animals than we have done.

No living creatures is born to be in a cage. They are not created just to be studied by humans. They are created to live on our planet side by side wiht us. They have just the same right to a life in freedom as humans have. Zoos are just an example of human complacency and lack off empathy.

Lets start with the elephant Mali. Please enter the homepage of Peta and make a comittment. Ure grandchildren wil thank you.

A trip to the kingdom of shame

Posted October 25, 2012 by Finn Hjalmar
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Its really difficult to express my feelings and experince visiting Auschwitz- Birkenau together with my son. I trust in my own music and pictures to tell youmy feelings from the trip. You may share it if you like.

The lord of the blue notes

Posted July 25, 2012 by Finn Hjalmar
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A tuesdays afternoon in the early 80’s my friend put a cassette in his stereo. The cassette startet in the middle of a solo from an isntrument I until then only knew the  existence of as big wooden blocks where old men played bossanova from. From that day on mr. Jon Lord played the main solo in my musical life.

Playing on my friends casette was the intro solo of “lAzy” from Deep Purples legendary album “Made in Japan” recorded on the bands “Machine Head” tour. The solo dodnt seem to have an end. It just went on and on. Teased the audience wiht its blue notes, borrowed from Goodman, Bach, blues and noises, only accompanied by mr Paices hihat and jazzy underlines. It was by far the coolest thing I ever heard coming from two loadspeakers.  The most playful ans spontaneus I ever heard to that point.

The news of mr. Lords death reached me a couple of days ago. He died of canser age 71. Jon Lord, my biggest musical inspiration and overall favorite musician was gone. Even though 71 years is a respectabel age it was sad and tragic. It was as his lesley  had rustet in the middle of a hoght pitched solo.

Even though I choosed the guitar for my main instrumenr, Jon Lord stayed on as my favourite musician. For those who have been in a band it might seems weird. Keyboardists and guitarists tends to fight, but mr. Lord was not an average keyboradist.

The first thing I noticed was the way he uses the “blue notes”. The way he always knew how long and how far out he could keep it and his briliant technique.  The same blue notes that threathned to slash open the loadspeaker membran was found in his organ riffs. The man that co- invented heavy rock was an amazing riffmeister. The opening of “Space truckin” from the album “Machine head” and the heavy riffs of  “Perfect strangers” from the album with the same name proves my point. His organ was just as nasty as the sound of the viruosto Richie Blackmores Fender Stratocaster.

Mr. Lord also thought me how to improvise. His open way of toying wiht the tones, the way he created the music in the moment and never playing the sam solo twice had a huge impact on me and my own way of playing.

Jon Lord also opened the door to the wonderful classical music. The first piece I remember was his string work on the song “April”  from the album “Deep Purple. Later he did the first attempt that I know of of combining a symphony orchestra with a rock band with the album “Concerta for group and orchestra”.  Later he did it again on “Windows”

Mr. Lord also took his classical background to the rock stage. His solos on “Highway star” and later ogn “Burn” shows his strong influence from Bach. He later played that influence out more extreme on the piece “Bach onto this” frm his solo record “Before I forget”.

Mr. Jon Lord opened my eyes and ears. Hi played the main solo in my musical life. He still is and I miss him already.

Torture for Your pleasure

Posted July 6, 2012 by Finn Hjalmar
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A baby elephant is standing tied to a three in Thailand. During one week the baby is being systematically beaten and tortured. All because giving the tourists and exotic experience.

When the baby elephant is three years old it is forced away from its mother. The safe and secure in life is being replaced by a brutal insecure world where it gets beating with bamboo canes with nails. The baby elephants are subdued to an ancient ritual created by man, the most brutal of all creatures on earth. “Phajaan” is one week being tortured. The baby elephants are being beaten gets penetrated with big sharp hooks in their sensitive ears and is refused water, food and sleep. The reason for doing this is to break or crush the baby’s emotional bonds to their mother. The result is an animal that you can ride, that can do circus tricks and be a tourist magnet.

Used for centuries to domesticate wild elephants, this torture training method is still accepted as the only viable training method for elephant handlers and is used in almost every elephant attraction in Thailand.
And, once they have their souls stomped out, they are simply vessels entertaining people.

Did u know that elephants have feelings and emotions? That they have strong bonds to family and individes? The emotions of an elephant Is just as strong as ours. And should enjoy the same respect.

I beg you. Give this some thoughts if you are thinking about going to Thailand. Give the torture some thoughts before you lift your kid to ride an elephant. Think about the lack of feelings, the torture and the pain these creatures must endure so you could have a good time. And think about it the next time you visit a circus or a zoo.

Please sign this petition:


A lifes value part II

Posted July 28, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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According to the old testament God let man rule the world. Man was set to name all animals and plants and were set to rule over them. We havent really done a great job.

Most cultures have had or still have traditions that allows torturing humans and animals. Even the most sivilized countries have tortured and killed animals for their own pleasure. Therefore ist is most pleasing that Catalonia has banned Bullfights. A custom that shows humans total contempt for life.

Animals kills because they have to. Either to because they are born meat-eaters or in selfdefence. Animals kills only to survive.

Humans have a long list of reasons til kill. Pure entertainment is one of them, And good entertainment usualy last for a while. A gladiator-fight was not perticularly interesting if one of them cut the head of his opponent wit the first strike of his gladius. The audienve wants to see an exiting fight, with all the blood and suffering that goes with it.

Bloodsport is an old tradition. We see it in ancient Egypt, Grecce and the Roman Empire. Glariator-fights, animal fights and fights between animals and humans. The fitghts had the same results. The word «arena» is latin and means sand, a practical device soaking up the blood.

But unfortunately those traditions is not just history, Dog-fights where dogs bite eachother to death is happening as we speak. Fox-hunting, where the animals is hunted with a pack of dogs and hunters on horse was banned in England as late as 2005. It was an activity that was popular amongst the nobels and royalty in all of Europe. The English lords with their silly red coats could do this until just five years ago. I doubt that those fine gentlemens spared the exhaushed fox a single gentle thought when it has been slit to pieces in the foxhounds teeths. As late as 1953 they did the same to bulls on the same islands. In the USA tran passagers could killl as many bisons they wanted. Entertainment that also serwed to surpress the native americans.

But to the bull-fights. We are facing a very old traditions. Bull fitghts was porbably broght to the Iberion peninsula by the roman emperor Claudius (ruled from 41- 53 bc) in a period where gladiatorial fights were banned. From Spain the fights spread out ti Portugal, France, mexico and Latin Amerca. It is still practized in those countries.

The fighting has certain rules and rituals. The sword is pushed directly through the heart, at least it should. This is done after the picadores and banderilleras has wounded the animal with their lances. If the matador misses the heard the bull is teased to move from right to left so that the sword slashed up the lounges, heart and inner organs until the animal dies from the injuries. All while the crowd cheers.

I am definetely no bull. But as we all are I am equippet with a nerve system. It works brilliantely and I can therefore state that thios sort of treatment hurts very much and continues to do so for a long time. So why could this barbaric traditons go on for som many years?

These things happens in our own back yard. In countries that many europeans loves to travel to. As long as it is weiled in a cape of tradition you can torture an animal as long and as cruel as you like.

Unfortunately theres to many humans that puts their own pleasures over life itselves. An ox, a fox or a dog is under the human life and is therefore the servants of men. Even if it means sacrificing its life to entertaing its master.

Bloodsport with animals emphazise our darkest sides. The worst in human kind. Therefore ist is realiving to see people protest and fight the torture and injustice committed to animals. But it is to late for the thousands of bulls that would have loved to smell the flowers together with Ferdinand.,extraspains-catalonia-bans-bullfights.html

Gasoline on «The fire of shame»

Posted July 23, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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There is a lot of ways to use or abuse power. Many ways to surpress people. Rape doesn´t only rob the victim of something intimate. Rape switches selfrespect with bottomless shame.

Maybe it is unusual for a man to write about rape. Some might think its almost pathetic. I know that I am in danger of being labeled as a «softie» by writing about this. It doesnt matter. I am a man. I have a fiancé, a daughter, female friends and relatives. I know several rape victims . Some of them close to me. So do you. Rape touches us all.

Every time a rape is reported to the police there is nine rapes that doesn´t get reported. This numbers is from Norway . Between seven and 14 percents of the rapes is reported to the police.

Some years ago I had a job that took me across Eurpe. When I introduced myself and told them where I lived they all nodded and commented on Norways policy for gender equality. They knew absolutely nothing about fjords and mountains and the ridicilous brown cheese we desperately try to showe down every tourists throath. Norway is characterised for womens rights by many europeans . Still most rapes is not reported in this country.

Rape is as old as the human history. Its known from ancient greek and roman mythology. There  is also stories about rape from the bible.

The penis has been a very effective weapon in war. Rape of women and children is a well. A known strategy to paralyze the civil population. Rape of the enemies women and children is well-known from most wars. More systematicly known from Kosovo, Bosnia , Sudan and Burma. The aim is to make the civil population afraid and shamefull.

Rape is usually not a sexual deviation. Its a violent motivated crime, that is about power and the urge to degrade and harm the victims. Its an expression of surpression and is traditionally about mens whishes to surpress women. Some countries like Nigeria even punishes the victim of rape by flogging or stoning, The total surpression.

But why doesnt more women in a western european country like Norway report rape? In a country where women seems to be equal to men should this be obvious. Some of the rapes happens between friends and lovers and is not that easy to report due to personal bonds. Others is abut shame, surpression and centuries living in a culture that has pushed women down the social ladder. Even in Norway gender equality is realtively new, and a lot of the old prejudices stilll lives. You bare your shame, you dont talk about it. This is rules they still live by in many areas of Norway and in many  areas of many other countries. The worst part is that many women paricipate in this. Women hold themselves down by using old prejudises. But in now way does this releave the man.

Perhaps its a bit unusual for a man to write about this. Perhaps I should write about cars or football instead. I willl probably be stimatized by some for writing this, It doesnt matter. I am man enough to bare this. Most men should also be. Its time to get up and talk for all those that doesn´t dare. Those who let the shame and disgust for themselfes silence them. They who let the blame and shame destroy the person they were meant to be.

Well, this isnt now, is it? We live in the year 2010 and is an educated people?  The western women is stronge and independant? Between seven and 14 percent of the rapes in Norway is reported. I doubt that the numbers in other countries is much higher dependant on the population figures. That means that shame and guilt never grows out of fashion.