The weaker sex

Women is the weaker sex. Not because they are weaker, less intelligent or less resourcefull than men. It is the soxiety that creates the weaker sex.

In Iran a mother of two children is about to be stoned to death. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani has not killed anyone. The veridict does not mention robbery, hustling or thievery either. . An action that only concerns her and her family. Theres no state security involved in the crime that supossedly is committet.The woman was flogged until she confessed. After 99 severe lashes anyone could confess anything.

Ashraf Kolhari lived in an unhappy marriage and wanted a divorce. She had an affair with another man. Because of that she was sentenced to prison and death by stoning. Malak Ghorbany is a third example of a fellow human beiing condemmend to this horrible death. A 13-year old girl vas stoned in Somalia. Her crime was that she told the police that she was raped. In the movie «The stoning of Soraya» a woman was stoned because her husband wanted a divorce. The movie is based on a true story. There are many more storys like this.

All of these storys is about women. Men also gets stoned, but they are a lot fewer than the women. Women is the main victims of this absolute expression of suppresion and have been for all times. Woman that cary huge guilt loads is not news.

From the year 1420 to 1750 Europe burnt their vitches. 86% of those that became victims of the flames was women. The last witch was burnt in the early 19. century in Polen. In India they burnt their widows on the husbands burial fire. The jews did also stone women of adultery according to the bible.

In modern times the stoning takes place in countries with muslim culture, if we should belive the media. Iran and Somalia is both dominatet by muslims. The storys about abuse in all forms hits our foreheads from the headlines in the newspapers. A 14-year old girl was circumsised on a kitchen table in Nittedal in Norway. The government in mhy country condemmes this calling it an abuse agaisn human rights. Its also a criminal act. In the bibel it it is written that God created humans in his image. His image should be good enough. It shouldnt be nescesary to modify it in any way. Luckiky this isnt practiced by all muslims

Somewhere a 13-old girl lives in danger. She is a runaway from her father after he tried to force her to marry. Girls gets acis in their face because they refuse to marry. In Norway which is a small country 567 children have seeked help against forced marriages. All muslims doesnt practice this, thank God. Most muslims isn´t terrorists either.

I am not against imigration. My country that is a small country with four million inhabitants needs imigration from all sorts of cultures and countries. Muslim nations too. If a small country like us shall thrive and develop we need the stimulation from the rest of the world. We all need to take a part of in our small world.

But that doesn´t mean that we should accept suppresion and criminal acts. We should not accept cultures that kills their daughters for honor. We as a society should not accept that women is forced to marry against their will or accept violence.

Suppresion of women is not typical muslim. Not all muslims supress their women. To hold down the women has been typical for most societies all over the world . The catholic church is the largest christian church in the world. They refuse women to be priests. Women have never been worth much in this world, regardless if they are christian, muslims, jews or hindus.

Some years ago a friend of mine said that he missed the shades in the discussion about circumsission of women. In other subject s I would agree. The shades is the vehicle to develop the discussion and pushing it foreward. To be catecorically and see all in black and white is the brake of every debate. But the discussion of suppresion is whitout shades. Either you cut up a woman or you dont. Its not okay to cut just a little. Its not okay to cut at all.

Womens rights and equality should be obvious. Unfortunately it is not so.,7340,L-3911346,00.html

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One Comment on “The weaker sex”

  1. emmblu Says:

    Cruelty and abuse in any form and against any group should be condemned, but even more so if it’s against women and children. People should be more vigilant about this and not just have the attitude that since it’s always been so, then it must be so. Information and knowledge leads to awareness that leads to action and protest that will hopefully yield results that lead to change.

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