When the state acts like God

Ronnie Lee Gardner was shot and killed. The killer was a state in USA. Also called the world biggest democracy.

Many countries kills their own citizens. We also did it in my homecountry, Norway. And its not that long ago. The very idea about a life for a life is not a new one. The idea of revenge is probably as old as the time humans just had to walk on two legs.

Its irrational but still something very understandable about the feelings revenge creates. Even the most extreme pacifist must have felt the sweetness of revenge. Even only in their fantasies. A person that kills when seduced by those feelings would possible have some sympathy from many. Not cause we all are capable of killing, but because we understand the feeling.

To kill inn affect is og course totally wrong. Bot moral and by law theres few excuses to kill a fellow man. I Norway theres a warrant of bay in the law saying that you might kill if its absolutely nescessary to save yours of others lifes. But its a very severe paragraph. Only three persons has gotten away with killing in bay in the Norwegian court. And it shoul be severe. The death of a fellow man should not be done easy.

A cold blooded murder is something completely different. Humans that kill others because of a cold, calculated motiv doesnt awake the same sympathy. Its something perverted and disgusting that a human can plan another humans death. The more planned the kill is, the more disgusting it seems. The fact that the the state is the killer doenst make things easier.

Our rights and duties is regulated in the laws of the state. The laws have to be a good example and work according to its intentions. A country that can kill a man supported by the law is no better than the convicted. It is unethical to kill, no matter who you are.

Why does the state kill? Is it because the majority think it is a just punishment? Is it because some cirminals is beyond redemtion? Or is it to to be deterrent and deter others to do criminal acts? And what is justice? In Iran women gets executed because of infidelity. In USA peoople gets executed because they kill another human being.

When Saddam Hussein was hanged not many people rised and protestet. The tyrant had many lifes on his concience, and they had to feed the hunger for revenge from a whole country, When an ordinary human being is executed theres more protests. That person seems closer to us. Its much easier to identify with them than a mighty dictator. But its the state that kills both of them. The state places iteself above its citizens and is playing the part of God. Who is to live, and Who is to die?

Then the next question. Does the death penalty work? Does it scare people from comitting murder or other crimes? Probably not., Iran is executing a lot of their own. China kills. And the United States, «the land of the free» has crime numbers that is about to strangulate the whole country. It almost seems that the death penalty is stimulating crime. If the state doesnt set an example, why should its citizens do so?

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One Comment on “When the state acts like God”

  1. […] have written an entry on the death penalty earlier. And I am very much against it. https://finnhjalmar.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/when-the-state-acts-like-god/ . It is deeply wrong that a state kills in time of peace. Regardless if it is Texas or China that […]

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