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A lifes value part II

July 28, 2010

According to the old testament God let man rule the world. Man was set to name all animals and plants and were set to rule over them. We havent really done a great job.

Most cultures have had or still have traditions that allows torturing humans and animals. Even the most sivilized countries have tortured and killed animals for their own pleasure. Therefore ist is most pleasing that Catalonia has banned Bullfights. A custom that shows humans total contempt for life.

Animals kills because they have to. Either to because they are born meat-eaters or in selfdefence. Animals kills only to survive.

Humans have a long list of reasons til kill. Pure entertainment is one of them, And good entertainment usualy last for a while. A gladiator-fight was not perticularly interesting if one of them cut the head of his opponent wit the first strike of his gladius. The audienve wants to see an exiting fight, with all the blood and suffering that goes with it.

Bloodsport is an old tradition. We see it in ancient Egypt, Grecce and the Roman Empire. Glariator-fights, animal fights and fights between animals and humans. The fitghts had the same results. The word «arena» is latin and means sand, a practical device soaking up the blood.

But unfortunately those traditions is not just history, Dog-fights where dogs bite eachother to death is happening as we speak. Fox-hunting, where the animals is hunted with a pack of dogs and hunters on horse was banned in England as late as 2005. It was an activity that was popular amongst the nobels and royalty in all of Europe. The English lords with their silly red coats could do this until just five years ago. I doubt that those fine gentlemens spared the exhaushed fox a single gentle thought when it has been slit to pieces in the foxhounds teeths. As late as 1953 they did the same to bulls on the same islands. In the USA tran passagers could killl as many bisons they wanted. Entertainment that also serwed to surpress the native americans.

But to the bull-fights. We are facing a very old traditions. Bull fitghts was porbably broght to the Iberion peninsula by the roman emperor Claudius (ruled from 41- 53 bc) in a period where gladiatorial fights were banned. From Spain the fights spread out ti Portugal, France, mexico and Latin Amerca. It is still practized in those countries.

The fighting has certain rules and rituals. The sword is pushed directly through the heart, at least it should. This is done after the picadores and banderilleras has wounded the animal with their lances. If the matador misses the heard the bull is teased to move from right to left so that the sword slashed up the lounges, heart and inner organs until the animal dies from the injuries. All while the crowd cheers.

I am definetely no bull. But as we all are I am equippet with a nerve system. It works brilliantely and I can therefore state that thios sort of treatment hurts very much and continues to do so for a long time. So why could this barbaric traditons go on for som many years?

These things happens in our own back yard. In countries that many europeans loves to travel to. As long as it is weiled in a cape of tradition you can torture an animal as long and as cruel as you like.

Unfortunately theres to many humans that puts their own pleasures over life itselves. An ox, a fox or a dog is under the human life and is therefore the servants of men. Even if it means sacrificing its life to entertaing its master.

Bloodsport with animals emphazise our darkest sides. The worst in human kind. Therefore ist is realiving to see people protest and fight the torture and injustice committed to animals. But it is to late for the thousands of bulls that would have loved to smell the flowers together with Ferdinand.,extraspains-catalonia-bans-bullfights.html