The fear of lustful women

Posted July 10, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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Nothing seems so scary to men as women. Especially womens sexuality. Maybe thats why their so busy surpressing bot women and their sexuality?

In Iran theres a mother that awaits her execution. She was suppose to be killed by stoning but after internationl protests is the planned stoning probably stopped. Instead Sakined Ashtani might be hanged.The woman confessed to have been cheating on her husband. Did I mention they Whipped her with 99 strokes first? Ashtiani is as we all know not the only woman in the world suffering because of sexual reasons.

Women have always been victims of their own sexuality. Directly, though rape or by beiing punished for ahvein sex or behaved in a sexual way. In some parts of the world they even cut the woman to make her have less lust for sex. By other words: They are being punished for something they might do in the future. Some women even gets killed in honor, because they speaked to the wrong guy.

In some muslim countries women has to cover themselves. Some places totally, to not awake lust in men. Women is trapped in restrictions in their relation to men and how they might behve themselsves. These are societies that ofd many reasons needs to control their women.

«The need for sex is a part of mens nature. Both men and women have the same lust»This is the words of Marcus Antonius (83 BC – 30 BC). The roman general and consul was aperantely not afraid of women. He is known to have had many. One of them was Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women in history. Apparantely both Antonius and Ceasar wasnt scared by a strong womans sexuality, many seems to be.

The first emperor og the roman empire, Augustus is said to have punished both his daughter Julia and his gradndaughter for being promiscius. He himself was hardly a good example. He lived a very full sexual life with a lot og lovers. Helped by his wife Livia.

Maria Magdalena was one of Jesus companions. She followed hun on his journeys the sam way his diciples followed him. Until 1969 maria had a shady reputation thought to be identical to the prostitute from Lukas 7, 37. This was an opinion pope Gregro the 1. (540-604) fronted very strongly. The reason for that was to weaken Marias position in the church, because she was a woman and the first one to se that Jesus grave was empty. She is the first person that has told other of Jesus´ ressurection, and therefore the first one to to the task of a christian priests. It should pass many centuries before the next woman did that. In the catholic world they still dont.

Maria was punished and weakened by the church. For something she never had done. But it was as always a sexual matter.

Infedility or promiscuis behavoir have always been less acceptable for women than it is for men. The less sexuall a woman behaves the more honorable and decent a woman is thougth to be. In some periods as the Victorian for example the ideal was almost anti-sexual. So that is not just a muslim thing. The bad words like «Cheep» «Slut» and «Whore» is almost with no exeptions used to describe women. Although I can easily name a few men that have earned all the words of the above. Mr. Antonius beeing one of them. The words and the use of it is an expression of the desire to have controll and punish a certain beahvior amongst women and to control their sexuality.

I Norway where I come from whe have no sanctions against female sexuality. Even behavior that is punishable in othber coountries. Adultery is not a crim, although still considers as imorral behavior but many.

But some countries, do sanction. The punish, puts them in oprison, beats them and kill them.Even victims of rape gets punished in countries like Somalia. Adultery and other «imoral» sexual behavior is regarded as harsh as murder. According to the Holy Quran men and women is created as equals. Both of them born from the same soul. « Any man that has a daughter that doesnt bury her alive, and does not offend her or treat his son better than his daughter, God will enter paradise». This qoute is suppose to be said by Muhammed himself. His wife Aisha was an active politician and teacher. The surppression og women with the Quaran as ann alibi is at its best doubtful. So where did it all go worng?

As I said earlier, women have always been held down. There have been many excuses to do that. Tghe msot popular is religious excuses. I have to ask both my self and my fellow masculine brothers: Why did God create smart, strong women if they only were to be surpressed?

I have discussed the surpression of women in an earlier blogpost. . Here I mean that stoning is the most extreme og ways to surpress women. The sexuality of women have always been held down by almost all people. Traditons or cultures. The surpression is more or less global and an expression for the mans power over women. A power that is still very important for men to contain.

Why is this important? Why is it sp important to hide the female part of the creation? Why is it so important for some cultures to cut up womens groin to destroy their sexul pleasure? A pleasure Gid has given them. Could it be that men is afraid for the female sexuality? Is it mens insecurity that creates this? Are these men realy that yellow?


A life´s value

Posted July 6, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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What is a life worth? Not perticular much in some places.

A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The history of mankind is easily listed in this qoute from the bible. (Exodus 21:22-25). Human beeings have killed, still kills and will kill eachother as long as there is human beeings on the planet.

Animal also kills. But they are much more simpler than us. They kill either in selfdefense or to get food. We humans are intelligent an sofisticated, so we kill for a large number of reasons. Money, lust, insanity, sex, revenge, hate, love, defense or as punishment.

The death penalty is very old and have existed in almost every society. Also in my country, the peacefull country in the far north called Norway. In 1979 vi abolished the military death penalty. It is only for the last 31 years or state have been totally unaible to kill its own citizens. The last execution took place august 28. 1948 as a part of trails of traitors after the 2. World War. The civil death penalty were abolished in 1902. Not that long ago either.

I have written an entry on the death penalty earlier. And I am very much against it. . It is deeply wrong that a state kills in time of peace. Regardless if it is Texas or China that executes it is pervers and not acceptable. If it is christians or muslims it is just as wrong. The catholic church actually accept the use of death penalty. That is absurd and reprehensible of the largest christian curch.

Theres a father in Iran that just got a letter. That letter says that his son is to be executed within the next 48 hours. To make money for his family the boy accepted the guilt of killing a man when he was only 15 years old. Mohammad Reza Haddadi never killed that man. The killers tild him that he wasnt going to be executed because he was only a child when he confessed. If the was wrong or just fooled the boy is hard to answer. The iranian government want to kill him anyway. A land with a full membership of the UN, and has signed the convention regarding chilkdrens rights. A convention thats forbidds the execution of children below 18 years of age. Mohammad Reza Haddadi is not alone. There are a lot of children on the death rows in Iran.

The regime has its reasons to do so. Some says it is religion. Some say it is law, and some blame the culture. The law of Sharia is an expression often used in this debate. Fact is that most islamic countries doesnt use the Sharia.

February 14. 1989 a fatwa was issued by the leader of Iran Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on the Radio Teheran. This «fatwa» demanded that the author Salman Rushdie had to be executed after wrtiting the book «Satanic Verses» . The book was regarded to be blasphemic againt Islam. The only country that has signed the fatwa is Iran. No other muslim country has done so. In fact, mnost of the muslims is against the fatwa.

The mass executions taking place in Iran is really about two things. Power and terror. By the use of power the government scare their citizens. But they do not only scare them . They scare us too. For those of us that lives in western societies without the death penalty hanging over ur heads gets afraid. Very afraid. We are afraid of the culture, the people and their religion. And its not the muslim peoples fault. Its the extremists fault, and regimes like that in Iran.

The iranian government claims that thay kills their own in Gods name. They claim to be following Gods laws when they kill. What they really do is to misuse the name of God and use it as an excuse to abuse power. That is a common poltical tradition in almost every society that has existed on the planet.

Back to the death row where we find Mohammad Reza Haddadi. The government wants to execute him bbecause they want to scare their people. A young man that has to give up his life for something he hasnt even done. It so easy for the state to kill him. As easy as it has been for many centuries. A human life is not woth much in that country.

How much longer shall we sit on ur sivilized behinds and watch countries like Chine and Iran to spit on basic human rights? How much longer do we have to accept that some countries shows such horrid contemt for life? No one honors God by killing. To kill is to spit on his creatit/node/35on and I could never imagin that God think that is okay.

The weaker sex

Posted July 5, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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Women is the weaker sex. Not because they are weaker, less intelligent or less resourcefull than men. It is the soxiety that creates the weaker sex.

In Iran a mother of two children is about to be stoned to death. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani has not killed anyone. The veridict does not mention robbery, hustling or thievery either. . An action that only concerns her and her family. Theres no state security involved in the crime that supossedly is committet.The woman was flogged until she confessed. After 99 severe lashes anyone could confess anything.

Ashraf Kolhari lived in an unhappy marriage and wanted a divorce. She had an affair with another man. Because of that she was sentenced to prison and death by stoning. Malak Ghorbany is a third example of a fellow human beiing condemmend to this horrible death. A 13-year old girl vas stoned in Somalia. Her crime was that she told the police that she was raped. In the movie «The stoning of Soraya» a woman was stoned because her husband wanted a divorce. The movie is based on a true story. There are many more storys like this.

All of these storys is about women. Men also gets stoned, but they are a lot fewer than the women. Women is the main victims of this absolute expression of suppresion and have been for all times. Woman that cary huge guilt loads is not news.

From the year 1420 to 1750 Europe burnt their vitches. 86% of those that became victims of the flames was women. The last witch was burnt in the early 19. century in Polen. In India they burnt their widows on the husbands burial fire. The jews did also stone women of adultery according to the bible.

In modern times the stoning takes place in countries with muslim culture, if we should belive the media. Iran and Somalia is both dominatet by muslims. The storys about abuse in all forms hits our foreheads from the headlines in the newspapers. A 14-year old girl was circumsised on a kitchen table in Nittedal in Norway. The government in mhy country condemmes this calling it an abuse agaisn human rights. Its also a criminal act. In the bibel it it is written that God created humans in his image. His image should be good enough. It shouldnt be nescesary to modify it in any way. Luckiky this isnt practiced by all muslims

Somewhere a 13-old girl lives in danger. She is a runaway from her father after he tried to force her to marry. Girls gets acis in their face because they refuse to marry. In Norway which is a small country 567 children have seeked help against forced marriages. All muslims doesnt practice this, thank God. Most muslims isn´t terrorists either.

I am not against imigration. My country that is a small country with four million inhabitants needs imigration from all sorts of cultures and countries. Muslim nations too. If a small country like us shall thrive and develop we need the stimulation from the rest of the world. We all need to take a part of in our small world.

But that doesn´t mean that we should accept suppresion and criminal acts. We should not accept cultures that kills their daughters for honor. We as a society should not accept that women is forced to marry against their will or accept violence.

Suppresion of women is not typical muslim. Not all muslims supress their women. To hold down the women has been typical for most societies all over the world . The catholic church is the largest christian church in the world. They refuse women to be priests. Women have never been worth much in this world, regardless if they are christian, muslims, jews or hindus.

Some years ago a friend of mine said that he missed the shades in the discussion about circumsission of women. In other subject s I would agree. The shades is the vehicle to develop the discussion and pushing it foreward. To be catecorically and see all in black and white is the brake of every debate. But the discussion of suppresion is whitout shades. Either you cut up a woman or you dont. Its not okay to cut just a little. Its not okay to cut at all.

Womens rights and equality should be obvious. Unfortunately it is not so.,7340,L-3911346,00.html

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When the state acts like God

Posted July 5, 2010 by Finn Hjalmar
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Ronnie Lee Gardner was shot and killed. The killer was a state in USA. Also called the world biggest democracy.

Many countries kills their own citizens. We also did it in my homecountry, Norway. And its not that long ago. The very idea about a life for a life is not a new one. The idea of revenge is probably as old as the time humans just had to walk on two legs.

Its irrational but still something very understandable about the feelings revenge creates. Even the most extreme pacifist must have felt the sweetness of revenge. Even only in their fantasies. A person that kills when seduced by those feelings would possible have some sympathy from many. Not cause we all are capable of killing, but because we understand the feeling.

To kill inn affect is og course totally wrong. Bot moral and by law theres few excuses to kill a fellow man. I Norway theres a warrant of bay in the law saying that you might kill if its absolutely nescessary to save yours of others lifes. But its a very severe paragraph. Only three persons has gotten away with killing in bay in the Norwegian court. And it shoul be severe. The death of a fellow man should not be done easy.

A cold blooded murder is something completely different. Humans that kill others because of a cold, calculated motiv doesnt awake the same sympathy. Its something perverted and disgusting that a human can plan another humans death. The more planned the kill is, the more disgusting it seems. The fact that the the state is the killer doenst make things easier.

Our rights and duties is regulated in the laws of the state. The laws have to be a good example and work according to its intentions. A country that can kill a man supported by the law is no better than the convicted. It is unethical to kill, no matter who you are.

Why does the state kill? Is it because the majority think it is a just punishment? Is it because some cirminals is beyond redemtion? Or is it to to be deterrent and deter others to do criminal acts? And what is justice? In Iran women gets executed because of infidelity. In USA peoople gets executed because they kill another human being.

When Saddam Hussein was hanged not many people rised and protestet. The tyrant had many lifes on his concience, and they had to feed the hunger for revenge from a whole country, When an ordinary human being is executed theres more protests. That person seems closer to us. Its much easier to identify with them than a mighty dictator. But its the state that kills both of them. The state places iteself above its citizens and is playing the part of God. Who is to live, and Who is to die?

Then the next question. Does the death penalty work? Does it scare people from comitting murder or other crimes? Probably not., Iran is executing a lot of their own. China kills. And the United States, «the land of the free» has crime numbers that is about to strangulate the whole country. It almost seems that the death penalty is stimulating crime. If the state doesnt set an example, why should its citizens do so?