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Torture for Your pleasure

July 6, 2012

A baby elephant is standing tied to a three in Thailand. During one week the baby is being systematically beaten and tortured. All because giving the tourists and exotic experience.

When the baby elephant is three years old it is forced away from its mother. The safe and secure in life is being replaced by a brutal insecure world where it gets beating with bamboo canes with nails. The baby elephants are subdued to an ancient ritual created by man, the most brutal of all creatures on earth. “Phajaan” is one week being tortured. The baby elephants are being beaten gets penetrated with big sharp hooks in their sensitive ears and is refused water, food and sleep. The reason for doing this is to break or crush the baby’s emotional bonds to their mother. The result is an animal that you can ride, that can do circus tricks and be a tourist magnet.

Used for centuries to domesticate wild elephants, this torture training method is still accepted as the only viable training method for elephant handlers and is used in almost every elephant attraction in Thailand.
And, once they have their souls stomped out, they are simply vessels entertaining people.

Did u know that elephants have feelings and emotions? That they have strong bonds to family and individes? The emotions of an elephant Is just as strong as ours. And should enjoy the same respect.

I beg you. Give this some thoughts if you are thinking about going to Thailand. Give the torture some thoughts before you lift your kid to ride an elephant. Think about the lack of feelings, the torture and the pain these creatures must endure so you could have a good time. And think about it the next time you visit a circus or a zoo.

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