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Against Gods image

April 11, 2013

Has God created humans in his image, or is it the other way around? The human race has alway struggled to get God and his words to match their own distorted image of the world.

Nuria is in jail because of love.  Foto: Anja Niedringhaus ( Ap )

Nuria is in jail because of love. Foto: Anja Niedringhaus ( Ap )

Nuria is in jail in her country Afghanistan. Her crime is that she wanted to divorce her husband. Nuria is in love with another man. That love have put her in jail. Because she might act on her her love. Love is a feeling that is natural. Given to us as a gift from God. At least for those of us that believe in it.

Nuria is not the only one. In Afghanistan 100´s of women is in jail for their emontions sake. Women which only crime is to follow their heart.

Everyone that has been in love knows what this is about. Its an enormous power that takes over body, heart and mind. Wonderful. Fantastic and very exhausting. Some times love is a curse rather than a gift. Love is a power that is stronger than anything else.

The government in Afghanistan wants love to be punishable. A gift that is given by God. At least if you are a woman. Its the womans emontions they go to war against. And they will never win. Cause the emotions will always be there.

It is not the first time ignorant men tries to stop womens love life. Most societies and cultures do this. Through the history our christian church is no good example.

The history of humans is a history of abuse and repression. Either it is private or political. At the front, there is ideas or relighion. Politicians, priests, imams and rabbies. Men who claims they know what God wants. They actually knows whats in Gods mind. Have anyone ever asked what God really want?

Why have God created women as intelligent as men, if they are here to be subdued by men? Why have God bothered to create the women with a sexual lust, if its only there to be surpressed by men? Why on earth have God even bothered giving women emotions if the emotions is her to be put down? And why has God given women free will?

Why does men fight this? Why does men fight the image of God? The image we have been created in?

Humans is created in the image of God the good book says. Since then men have struggled with creating God in our image. It is not a pretty sight. I send Our Lord some sympathy. I suggest you do the same.